Track and Automate your Purchase Order Generation with our Automated Purchase Planning Tool

Always be in stock for all your SKUs by automatically generating purchase orders for every vendor.

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Don’t be late with your purchase orders or you could risk a stock out.

With many SKUs and high demand, you have to track every SKU and stay ahead of demand to ensure you are always sufficiently stocked.


Place an order with your vendors a little too late, and you will not be stocked in time and lose customers.


Making the wrong purchasing decisions can prove costly.

  • Manual Purchase Planning is prone to errors since demand is volatile and lead times vary.


  • Purchasing too much-unwanted inventory will take up storage space and drive unnecessary costs.


  • Having too little of high demand inventory will lose you customers and having excess unwanted inventory ties up working capital that could be better utilized elsewhere.

Make your purchases risk-free with Automated Purchase Planning.

  • Crest lets you take a proactive approach to your purchase planning by constantly tracking your inventory levels and demand, and generating a purchase order well ahead of time.

  • You will know exactly when to order and how much of a particular item to order from each vendor.

  • Crest optimizes Purchase Plans using AI-enabled demand forecasting to ensure you sufficiently stock the high-demand products, whilst reducing the quantity of slow-moving items.


Stay ahead of any changes or delays with fully trackable Purchase Orders

  • Crest automatically generates Purchase Orders and Purchase Plans with order date, lead time, expected arrival date, and quantity of SKU. 

  • Any changes in order or delays are reflected in the tracking section to provide you with full visibility to make better purchasing decisions.

  • Fully customizable for consensus-driven planning.

Real-time tracking for accurate Purchase Planning cycles

  • Purchase Order tracking allows you to track and factor in real-time fluctuations, delays, and any other anomalies in your current planning cycle.

  • These fluctuations, if ignored will cause inaccuracies in your next purchase order and will continue onto your next purchase cycle.

  • With Crest, you can also track a vendor’s performance and efficiency and get suggestions on setting up rules for vendor prioritization. With the right vendor evaluation metrics, you can improve your purchase accuracy and reduce delays in delivery time and quantity. 

  • Crest tracks real-time fluctuations and any anomalies in the purchase process to provide you with full visibility whilst also factoring in as inputs for the next cycle for an accurate Purchase Order and will ensure every planning cycle will be more refined.