Dynamically predict future demand with unmatched accuracy

Anticipate demand at the most granular level to stay ahead of constantly shifting market dynamics, disruptions in manufacturing or logistics, variations in lead times, and other unpredictable variables.

A Feature that Ensures Certainty in Uncertainty

Gain visibility into future demand, prevent inventory stock-outs and over-stocking, and make informed decisions to maximise profitability. Leverage our proprietary Demand Forecast Engine.

Better demand forecasting starts here

Get powerful AI and complex ML algorithms to accurately predict your demand for thousands of SKUs, down to the most granular levels and plan with capabilities matching the largest global supply chains.

Stay Primed with Real-Time Market Signals

Stay ahead of demand volatility with dynamically updated demand forecasts based on trends, seasonality, stock availability, promotional campaigns, competition, lead times and more. All with zero manual intervention needed.

Clear, Customisable & Actionable Reports

Gain better visibility into your demand by escaping the limitations of spreadsheets and manual data processing. Easily generate, download, customise and collaborate with your team for seamless consensus planning.

Multi-Channel Granular Level Planning

Manage any level of complexity and stay in stock across all channels. Generate accurate forecasts for thousands of SKUs and stores, ever-ready to meet customer demand, no matter how much your business grows.

Ease of Use and Setup

Our user-friendly solution streamlines processes for greater accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings. Automate in just a few simple clicks, with no prior experience required.

Let Crest help you make proactive, accurate decisions so you never miss an opportunity and can confidently grow your revenue.

The proof is in the pudding

D2C brands face issues with supply chain management and high growth startups are not equipped to run their demand forecast manually. Crest automates all the workflows and helps brands predict high demand periods and be ready to cater to customer demands. It has a direct impact on the revenue readiness of a company and that's the value we see Crest unlocking for many companies in the future. Rahul and team have built a robust product with years of their experience distilled into the workflows.

Diksha Pande
Diksha Pande
Crest helps Samosa Party fulfil 95% of their Customer Demands
Crest helps Samosa Party fulfil 95% of their Customer Demands
Upto 95%

Demand Fulfilment

< 3%

Daily Stock-out

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