We're here to turn your supply chain into a superpower

Crest is a company that brings together cutting-edge technology and deep supply chain expertise. The result is a tool that we ourselves wish we had in the beginning of our careers - automating demand / inventory tasks, generating insights, and helping your business expand.

We are on a mission to make stock-outs go extinct so that no business would have to lose out on a customer.

Why did we start Crest?
We increasingly observed how businesses have come to terms with stockouts as part of fate and struggle to compete against industry giants for either retail shelf space or an e-commerce cart. We have frequently heard business owners state – “There’s no point in automating and having a great performance marketing campaign if the product is out of stock or takes too long to reach the customer”. A wise man once said: solve for supply chain, and you’ve solved for your business (we might have made that one up, but it’s true!).
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Our belief
In light of increasing competition and rising customer acquisition costs, we believe that a sustainable firm can only be built if consumers are able to find a product when required. The businesses of tomorrow have unique requirements and challenges. Old concepts simply do not make it in this day and age of escalating customer demands and competition. Crest's easy-to-use interface provides you with relevant insights, task automation, and accurate forecasts. So you can spend less time on spreadsheets, and more time growing your business.
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Our founders

Rahul Vishwakarma
Akhil Kumar
Yogesh Byahatti
The Crest blog

Insights from years of working in various supply-chain roles (and an itch to write). We hope you find these posts interesting!

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