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World’s first end-to-end automated planning tool, built with 
the technology used by some of the biggest global brands 
Escape Out of Stock and Grow Revenue multiple  folds by Fulfilling every single demand.

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Burning Thousands of $$$ ONLY on Ads is the reason why your growth is Slow.

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What separates the brands that invest in great marketing and the brands with great marketing that also grow exponentially is how they fulfill demand. 

Global companies that consistently grow have the planning teams & tools required to optimally fulfil demand. 

With Crest, your business can capture every opportunity by harnessing the power of advanced planning without prior expertise and exorbitant capital pool.

Impact of Crest’s Automated Planning

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Eliminate out of stocks by 80%

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Add 20% more Revenue

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Eliminate shelf warmers & Unlock working Capital

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Reduce cash recovery by upto 20 days

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Escape Out Of Stock

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With Crest’s Automated Planning, be prepared for all demand, without bleeding capital. Eliminate out of stocks, capture every opportunity and grow your top line.

Fulfill Demand

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Crest runs on powerful AI and complex ML algorithms to provide you with planning capabilities comparable to the biggest global supply chains, with the highest achievable accuracy. With the insights from Crest, take faster and accurate decisions across your supply chain and fulfil every order.

Grow Revenue

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Fulfil every order, across all channels. No excess inventory, no out-of-stocks, massive savings and growth.

Increase Revenue consistently by capturing every opportunity.

Eliminate wastage and unlock stuck capital. Recover your cash faster and increase your bottom line.

Grow Revenue

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Inventory Planning & Demand Forecasting is now fully AUTOMATED.

A few simple clicks and you gain access to planning capabilities 
equivalent to the world’s best supply chain planning teams.

Automated Forecasting

Automated prediction of future demand across all channels at all granular levels. Crest optimizes forecasts with the highest achievable accuracy based on real time market signals and other variables.

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Automated Inventory Planning

Plan and align inventory across every stage of the supply chain from distribution with the highest accuracy. Fully automated to adjust for any changes
in demand and conditions.

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Coming soon

Automated Demand Planning

Crest automates demand forecasting and optimizes demand plans for highest accuracy across channels at all granular levels to prepare for any volatile conditions.

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Coming soon

Automated Replenishment Planning

Balance stock levels across all levels, without overstocking or under-stocking. Crest plans replenishment while responding to real-time market signals and stock availability.


You can Grow Faster than you think!

Plan with Crest and fulfill your demand. We’ve helped the biggest global 
companies plan inventory, now allow us to help you plan better.