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Crest strategically targets key nodes to optimise Beauty and Personal Care (BPC) efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability, while minimising inventory challenges.

Demand Forecasting: Data-Powered Revenue Targets

Forecast demand accurately and achieve your revenue goals by staying a step ahead of trends, optimising inventory, and maximising profitability while expertly navigating challenges such as securing product supply, particularly with imports from other countries, mitigating market delays, and ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

Sales and Operations Planning

S&OP enables stakeholders to collaborate and come at a consensus with constraints around Budget, Targets, Capacity & Material Requirements. This simplifies and explains any action across departments to focus on 1 objective which links towards the KPIs being met across all teams.

Streamlined Lead Time Management and Efficient Inventory Turnover

Quit worrying about lead times of 2-3 months and manage it effortlessly with our advanced tool, streamlining the planning and coordination of goods arrival. Unlock valuable working capital by optimising inventory turnover and controlled Purchasing. Leverage our data-driven insights and optimised purchase frequency to free up capital tied up in excessive inventory resulting in enhanced overall cash flow.

Enhance Product Quality and Validity with Precise Shelf Life Management

Effortlessly elevate your product quality and validity through shelf life adherence across warehouses. Get notified on expiration dates basis stock batches &, enable FIFO/LIFO being followed to ensure proper storage conditions. Access precise results to optimise rotation schedules, and replenishment, minimising wastage and maximising product shelf life.

Omnichannel Fulfilment: Optimise Distribution & Inventory Allocation

Effortlessly cater to diverse consumer preferences and shopping habits by distributing beauty and personal care products across both online and offline channels and optimise inventory allocation with data-driven insights. Enhance customer satisfaction and efficiency by seamlessly integrating various distribution channels to provide a consistent and convenient shopping experience for customers.

Enhanced Fill Rate & Turnaround Time: Optimise Across All Channels

Boost your beauty business with improved fill rates across Direct to Consumer (D2C), General Trade (GT), Market Trade (MT), and other marketplaces. Streamline operations and accelerate order processing as a result of minimising return to origin, and elevating customer satisfaction.

Planning Modules

Demand Forecast

Process seasonality shop wise revenue
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Purchase Planning

Automate your Purchase order generation
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Distribution Planning

Automate Distribution Planning and allocation to make high fill rates
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CREST Customer : QSR

Diksha Pandey

D2C brands face issues with supply chain management and high growth startups are not equipped to run their demand forecast manually. Crest automates all the workflows and helps brands predict high demand periods and be ready to cater to customer demands. It has a direct impact on the revenue readiness of a company and that's the value we see Crest unlocking for many companies in the future. Rahul and team have built a robust product with years of their experience distilled into the workflows.

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