Stay on top of your inventory levels with auto-generated POs

Optimise inventory space and never over/under stock again

Take the guesswork out of your purchases

Efficiently manage purchase planning and eliminate confusion around order timing, avoid loss of sales or storage space, and optimise your purchasing decisions. Say goodbye to outdated manual processes and hello to data-driven insights.

Get the right products at the right time

Effortlessly track inventory and variability in demand, and generate automated purchase orders. Know exactly when to order, what to order, and how much to order from each vendor.

Stay on top of your orders and changes with real-time updates

Automated PO’s and purchase planning systems include critical information like order date, lead time, expected arrival date, and quantity of SKU for accurate purchasing decisions. Real-time tracking helps you factor in any fluctuations, delays, and order changes.

Boost your working capital with faster replenishment cycles

Maximise your working capital with efficient stock allocation and inventory planning. Improve inventory turnover and gain greater control over capital expenditure.

Smart predictions that get smarter with every use!

Ever learning and improving by factoring in real-time fluctuations and anomalies during the inventory management process. With every input, get optimised subsequent planning cycles, resulting in a constantly improving product.

Let Crest help you make proactive, accurate decisions so you never miss an opportunity and can confidently grow your revenue.

The proof is in the pudding

D2C brands face issues with supply chain management and high growth startups are not equipped to run their demand forecast manually. Crest automates all the workflows and helps brands predict high demand periods and be ready to cater to customer demands. It has a direct impact on the revenue readiness of a company and that's the value we see Crest unlocking for many companies in the future. Rahul and team have built a robust product with years of their experience distilled into the workflows.

Diksha Pande
Samosa Party
upto 95%

Demand Fulfilment

< 3%

Daily Stock-out

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As Co-founders, we had zero clue on the real time stock levels in our warehouse. It felt like a battle to manually update invoices from EE to Zoho, so that at least some data points can be tracked.
While we had already implemented Crest I had no clue that they could make this API integration work for us and exactly the way we wanted it to work. Thank you team Rahul Vishwakarma & Yogesh Byahatti for identifying the problem and being so quick with the solution, kudos to the amazing team you have.

Kirti Goel
Channel wise