Build and automate custom S&OP workflows

More than just a supply chain planning tool - with the capability to completely transform your work processes. Designed specifically to eliminate the inefficiencies commonly found in traditional methods, resulting in improved accuracy, fill rate, and productivity.

Unite, collaborate and create your process, your way.

Eliminate operating in silos and bring enhanced clarity and organisational alignment ensuring no more hassle for project managers who have to coordinate between teams and tasks.

Orchestrate your supply chain

Streamline your Sales and Operations planning workflow and get visibility on all the steps and associated stakeholders involved. Manage your demand, purchase and distribution planning decisions from one window and orchestrate your supply chain proactively with more agility and responsiveness.

Go beyond spreadsheets

By analysing and utilising data, including customer purchasing patterns, you can enhance inventory management, eliminate additional spreadsheet management, and achieve continual improvement in predictability, avoiding overstocking and under-stocking through our always-learning AI and ML.

Automate Data Pipelines & Supply Chain Processes

Easily construct your own sales and operation planning workflows using helix's comprehensive suite of features, much like assembling a Lego set. By leveraging modules such as demand forecasting, purchase planning, and distribution planning, you can automate the entire process, leading to a decrease in errors and a reduction in overall efforts required.

Take matters into your own hands by using SQL

Utilise the capabilities of SQL in helix to apply constraints, filter data, or execute transformations. You have the flexibility to include a custom inventory buffer or establish dynamic inventory limits for any specific SKU.

Let Crest help you make proactive, accurate decisions so you never miss an opportunity and can confidently grow your revenue.

The proof is in the pudding

As Co-founders, we had zero clue on the real time stock levels in our warehouse. It felt like a battle to manually update invoices from EE to Zoho, so that at least some data points can be tracked.
While we had already implemented Crest I had no clue that they could make this API integration work for us and exactly the way we wanted it to work. Thank you team Rahul Vishwakarma & Yogesh Byahatti for identifying the problem and being so quick with the solution, kudos to the amazing team you have.

Kirti Goel
Channel wise

D2C brands face issues with supply chain management and high growth startups are not equipped to run their demand forecast manually. Crest automates all the workflows and helps brands predict high demand periods and be ready to cater to customer demands. It has a direct impact on the revenue readiness of a company and that's the value we see Crest unlocking for many companies in the future. Rahul and team have built a robust product with years of their experience distilled into the workflows.

Diksha Pande
Samosa Party
upto 95%

Demand Fulfilment

< 3%

Daily Stock-out

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One of our most exciting recent developments has been the integration of Crest AI with our ERPNext system. This powerful combination has transformed our supply chain management capabilities. Crest AI, an advanced supply chain solution, now works in tandem with our ERPNext

This integration has allowed us to bring enterprise-level AI capabilities to our operations, significantly reducing stockouts, improving cash recovery time, and driving revenue growth.

Azhar Umar
Demand Fulfilment
Reduction in Cash
Recovery Time

Crest has helped us to design, automate and integrate workflows to consolidate demand across the D2C platform and multiple Ecom channels with high accuracy. I think the team's execution speed and customer first thinking sets them apart  in industry.

Abhinav Gupta
Director -NPD/Supply -Operation
Mosaic Wellness
Sales Tracking

Build and automate custom S&OP workflows

More than just a supply chain planning tool - with the capability to completely transform your work processes. Designed specifically to eliminate the inefficiencies commonly found in traditional methods, resulting in improved accuracy, fill rate, and productivity.

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Easy integration, unmatched enhancement

Whichever store, fulfilment, analytics, and logistics platform you use, we've worked to make sure Crest works seamlessly with it.

Crest integrates with

  • Online stores/POS
  • Inventory management Systems
  • Cloud ERPs
  • Logistics management/3PL
  • Warehouse Management Systems

Generate Insights from your Integration

Crest is designed to seamlessly integrate with your POS, Marketplace and automatically fetch data to create comprehensive, centralized dashboards. These dashboards provide valuable insights into your sales and demand metrics.  Crest allows users to easily analyze trends, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their business strategies.

Generate Automated Demand Forecasts

Using historic sales reports along with a variety of other critical data points, such as website traffic and clicks, Crest generates demand forecasts for future months. By analyzing this wealth of information, Crest provides invaluable insights, enabling users to anticipate sales trends.

Optimise Inventory to eliminate out of stock

By leveraging advanced demand prediction algorithms and analyzing current inventory levels, Crest provides detailed inventory requirement suggestions for future dates. This proactive approach helps businesses maintain optimal stock levels, effectively eliminating the risks of both out-of-stock situations and overstocking.

Replenish inventory with the right quantity at the right time

Crest meticulously tracks real-time inventory levels and monitors fluctuations in demand, utilising this data to trigger purchase orders. This intelligent system ensures that you know precisely when to place orders, what specific items to restock, and the optimal quantities needed from each vendor.

Integration steps

Sign up on the crest platform, and complete the signup process.

Step 1

Go to Helix, create a new workflow and drag and drop the data pull card

Step 2

Add a new connection and select Integration. Complete the authentication process to build the connection.

Step 3

Use the imported data to build dashboards, create demand plans and generate inventory requirements.

Step 4