Automate New Warehouse Inventory Management, Planning and Replenishment

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Identify the right product mix for a new store/warehouse launch and create dynamic plans for expanding your business while minimizing risk and maximizing profitability. Automate your warehouse inventory management and streamline your new operations.

High-risk investments like opening a new store/warehouse need dynamic planning.

  • When your business is expanding by adding a new warehouse/node to your network, you need to be sure of what product mix is right to launch with, what inventory levels you should be starting with, and how to plan optimally to achieve streamlined operations.

Identify the right product mix for new markets

  • With our planning capabilities, you can identify the right product mix and the appropriate quantities to stock, so that you only stock what sells without overstocking.


  • Our platform generates the best product mix to kickstart your new warehouse taking into account your current sales patterns across geographies and different channels. 


  • You can also customize the generated product mix to your liking, based on inputs from your team.


Automate inventory planning and replenishment

  • Crest constantly monitors stock levels and market response to create a dynamic inventory and replenishment plan.Your inventory levels for the new warehouse are optimized to maximize profit without manual intervention or error.


  • Inventory levels and sales are monitored on a daily basis and dynamic replenishment plans are created to stabilize       your warehouse inventory and streamline the planning.