Only stock what you will sell. Avoid overstocking and under stocking.

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Automate Inventory Planning and Replenishment Planning and never miss an opportunity

Your inventory planning and replenishment planning process is losing you, customers.


  • Planning and Replenishing Inventory is time-consuming and resource-dependent. 

  • Inventory Planning is a dynamic process that requires you to constantly monitor stock levels and stay ahead of demand. Lack of an agile Inventory Planning and Replenishment Planning process will cause you to run out of stock frequently and lose customers to your competitors.


  • You wait until it’s too late to place orders to fulfill your demand because you do not have the insights to make quick decisions.


Over ordering and delayed ordering are costing you a lot more than you think.

  • By ordering too late, you have already lost your opportunity to sell and you have excess inventory that drives costs in your business and increases capital losses.

  • Over ordering a product that you guess will have more demand is not going to fix the problem. Without the right insights, you will simply end up with more inventory than you will sell. 

Automate order generation and inventory planning for agile replenishment planning.

  • Crest gives you insights on what to order when to order and how much to order at the most granular level for every channel so that you can proactively make decisions to accurately stock inventory, not lose out on any opportunities and make your replenishment planning quicker and more efficient.

  • To optimize Inventory Planning, Crest constantly monitors current stock levels, demand, and other variables to give insights at the optimal time, so that you can make better purchasing decisions.

  • You can automatically generate Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) for your recurring orders and minimize manual purchasing. 


Plan your purchases efficiently and maintain accurate stock buffers for demand surges.


  • Crest automatically creates/calculates dynamic safety stock for all your SKUs to give you enough inventory buffer to meet demand during high demand periods, and reduces inventory levels when demand is low. 


  • Crest removes human error out of the equation and gives you the most accurate insights using our proprietary AutoML technology. With insights from Crest, you can plan your purchases for any demand surges and optimize your replenishment planning for maximum profitability.


  • Crest constantly balances your inventory levels to escape ​​out of stock whilst simultaneously avoiding overstocking to minimize capital loss.


  • Fully editable reports to accommodate further inputs from your sales, marketing, and other teams for consensus driven replenishment planning.


  • No manual calculations or even spreadsheets are required to make purchasing decisions. With clear visibility of         granular demand, you can not only make faster purchasing decisions but also optimize your purchase planning to order the right amount of inventory​​ at the right time, without spending too much capital. 

Shopify and Uni-Commerce Integration

  • You can easily integrate Crest with Shopify, Unicommerce, and any other OMS platform of your choice and start generating insights to plan and replenish your inventory and automate your order generation without having to manually collate data.


Inventory Planning and Replenishment Planning is key to fulfilling your demand and achieving consistent business growth with reduced costs and increased capturing of opportunities. 


With Crest, you can automatically generate orders and balance inventory levels to escape out-of-stock and excess inventory. Let Crest help you take proactive, accurate decisions to never miss an opportunity and grow your revenue.