Predict Demand at the most granular level with our advanced Demand Forecasting Tool 

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With our Demand Forecasting tool, you can dynamically predict your future demand, with unmatched accuracy, and stay ahead of ever changing market trends, manufacturing/logistics disruptions, changing lead times and many other uncontrollable factors.

Traditional sales forecasts are not enough for your business to keep up with volatile demand.


Sales forecasting and traditional methods of Demand Forecasting are not advanced enough for today’s hyper
competitive market. 

Traditional forecasts do not take into account the various scenarios and factors such as trends, seasonality, promotional activities, lead times, competition, and other factors that influence the demand for your product. 

Without clear visibility into future demand that an advanced demand forecasting tool can give, you will not be able to keep up with changes in demand and lose out on sales.


Generate automated demand forecasts with unmatched accuracy

  • Crest’s Demand Forecasting software uses powerful AI and complex ML algorithms to predict demand and provide you with planning capabilities comparable to the biggest global supply chains, with the highest achievable accuracy.

  • Our AutoML technology is used by some of the biggest global companies to predict demand and is recognized by Google.



Automatically adjusts demand forecasts to real-time market signals

  • Without any manual intervention, Crest dynamically predicts demand, taking into account real-time market signals, trends, seasonality, and stock availability to ensure you are always sufficiently stocked for any market volatility. 

  • Our Demand Forecasting tool also gives you visibility into future demand accurately even during any major disruptions such as Lockdowns during Pandemics. 



Clear and customizable reports

  • With Crest, you can escape the limitations of spreadsheets, and leverage our technology to generate demand forecasts and visualize your demand better with our dashboards.

  • All reports are downloadable and fully customizable. You can share with your team and customize the demand forecasts for consensus demand planning.



Predict demand and plan at granular levels for multiple channels

  • Crest can handle millions of combinations at SKU and store levels to provide you with granular level demand forecasts.

  • Predict demand for every SKU at all your channels. With omnichannel demand forecasting, be prepared for any demand across all your channels. 



Demand Forecasting is much more than just predicting future demand based on your previous sales. A good Demand Forecasting process is necessary to be prepared for any demand and that requires a demand forecasting tool that will dynamically predict demand across all channels using data from multiple sources to stay ahead of any market volatility, disruptions, or trends. 


With Crest’s Demand Forecasting tool, you can automate your demand forecasting with a few simple clicks, and no prior expertise.  Let Crest help you take proactive, accurate decisions to never miss an opportunity and grow your revenue.