Compile all your Data at a single point and Automate your Data Preparation

No more manual collation of data and unorganized data.
Take Data Driven decisions at every stage of your business with ease.

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Unrefined data is holding back your decision-making process.

Your data must define the decisions you make, and if your data is not refined enough, you are making ineffective decisions. Data can have multiple irregularities, be incomplete, collected from multiple sources. The manual collation and refinement of data is not only losing you time and resources but also, severely holding you back from making accurate decisions. 


With incomplete and unrefined, you are losing visibility into the full picture and losing the ability to make informed decisions regarding your inventory.



Build and automate data preparation pipelines using our excel add-in

  • With a few simple clicks, you can automate your data preparation using our excel add-in, in your existing excel workflow. No expertise or complicated workflow changes are necessary to start generating the insights your data holds.

  • While you can build an automated data pipeline, Crest also gives you the ability to fully customize your pipeline and add more features to your liking. Once you build a pipeline, no effort is needed to clean and refine your data multiple times. 

Advanced data preparation to refine your data

  • Crest runs on advanced AI and ML algorithms and automatically creates features from your historic data and identifies the feature's importance.

  • Crest comes with powerful data preparation and feature engineering tools that can help you refine your historic data so that you are able to generate the best results out of your sales history. 

  • With Crest’s feature engineering tools, qualitative insights can be extracted from your data such as trends, seasonality, moving average, and many more. 

  • Merge Data from different sources to a single data point on your excel or our platform.

  • Merge data sheets and aggregate data, for example, from daily to monthly. 

  • Screen data and impute missing value.

  • Make your data ready for training and generating insights, all without Python. With just a few simple clicks, this entire process can be completely automated.

  • Same Login for excel add-in and platform so, you can share your data effortlessly with our platform.



Shopify & Unicommerce integration

  • You can easily integrate Crest with Shopify, Unicommerce, and any other OMS/ERP platform and get started with automated data preparation without having to manually import data from multiple sources, and manually prepare data pipelines multiple times.