Allocate Inventory across all your warehouses and stores to fulfill demand optimally.

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Allocate and Replenish Inventory at Warehouse and Store level with Automated Replenishment Planning

Stockouts are a result of slow and inaccurate replenishment.

When you wait too long to replenish your inventory, you risk facing a stockout and might end up with excess unwanted inventory.


  • Without the right insights at the right time, you are only guessing when to replenish and how much to replenish.

  • Manual replenishment planning is slow and prone to errors which can negatively affect your inventory levels thereby causing revenue losses and wasting working capital.

  • Without an accurate and automated replenishment planning process, you will not be able to keep up with unexpected changes in demand or sudden supply fluctuations.

Stockouts are hurting your business more than you think.

Stockouts are not just causing a loss of potential sales, but are negatively impacting your brand image.

  • You are not acting fast enough to replenish stock when it’s selling out.

  • The inventory you need is too far from the necessary store or warehouse, due to poorly optimized inventory allocation.

  • Your replenishment indent is inaccurate and driving up excess unwanted inventory and reduced stock levels of high-demand products leading to more out-of-stock situations.

Allocate inventory at the right warehouse and store for faster replenishment.

  • With Crest’s Automated Replenishment Planning, you can optimally allocate your materials and inventory across all your warehouses. 

  • Crest accurately predicts granular demand at the warehouse and store level, to give you insights into how much stock is required for each warehouse, to fulfill demand faster and more efficiently.

  • With these insights, Crest generates a warehouse-level replenishment plan to allocate inventory from the central warehouse to other regional warehouses with the optimal quantity at the right time.


Always be in stock with Automated Replenishment at the store level.

  • Crest automatically generates Indent for your store by constantly monitoring stock levels and demand.

  • The Indent is generated to replenish the right stocks at your store so you never face a stockout and reduce unwanted excess inventory levels.

Improve Working Capital with faster replenishment cycles.

  • Crest calculates accurate cycle stock to replenish your inventory on time and quickly generate cash flow.

  • The faster the replenishment planning cycle of your business is the smaller your cash conversion cycle.

  • With automated replenishment, you are able to replenish the right amount of inventory without unwanted excess on time, thereby generating cash faster and also freeing up working capital.

  • Faster Replenishment frees up precious working capital that allows you to increase your cash generation and reduce your structural costs, and use the funds more productively.